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jmke 10th June 2004 16:20

Socket 423 to Socket 478 Upgrade Adapter
The PL-P4/N is a patented upgrade adapter for socket 423 based computers. The PowerLeap brand of powered upgrade adapters is far superior in both performance and quality to other non-powered products. With the PL-P4/N, you can obtain significantly faster performance (up to 3.06 GHz) from your Socket 423 system, without the hassle of replacing the entire motherboard.

The top speed is dependent upon the front side bus of your system, as shown below.

400 MHz fsb system: Top speed 3.0 GHz
533 MHz fsb system: Top speed 3.06 Ghz

This product simply replaces your current processor with Intelís next generation of technology. Pull the old processor out, put our upgrade in, and you are ready to go. Not sure if the PL-P4/N is right for you? Click on the InSPECS link to scan your system and receive an upgrade recommendation.

wutske 10th June 2004 16:49

Hm, unlocked CPU's, do U think these would work in a unlocked regular P4 system ?

jmke 10th June 2004 16:59

where do you read "unlocked CPU's"? :)

wutske 10th June 2004 17:48

how else are u going to get a 3GHz P4 working at 533MHz FSB.

piotke 10th June 2004 18:16

there is a p4 3.06 actally ...

jmke 10th June 2004 18:22

tada =)

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