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Stefan Mileschin 16th November 2012 07:05

Sitecom releases VPN Router for small and home offices
The WLR-4002B Wireless Gigabit VPN Router N300 combines wireless connectivity
and Gigabit Ethernet with business-class features like virtual private networking (VPN), multiple levels of security including Sitecom Cloud Security and IPv6 support.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), November 2012 - Sitecom releases the WLR-4002B Wireless Gigabit VPN Router N300 as part of the ForBusiness line for small and home offices. Today, even micro businesses such as a real estate agent or a design studio require secure, high-speed connectivity to the Internet and their business networksóboth inside and outside the office. The WLR-4002B is an ideal partner for small offices and provides a cost-effective and reliable VPN solution. The router supports five simultaneous VPN tunnels and thus securely connects up to 5 remote users to the office network at the same time. Office users can connect to the router wirelessly thanks to the integrated wireless access point, or via cable, connecting to one of the seven Gigabit network ports. With multiple levels of security including Sitecom Cloud Security to protect all connected devices from the dangers of cybercrime, the WLR-4002B offers a complete solution to successfully build a small business network.

Virtual Private Network

Thanks to the VPN function of the WLR-4002B, employees can remotely access all the files they have available in the office as secure as if they were there. The VPN router supports up to five VPN tunnels simultaneously. For optimal VPN configuration, the WLR-4002B has an integrated VPN Client and Server to support almost any required VPN policy. It supports the enterprise-class encryption and authentication protocols IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP, and can handle pass-through traffic as well. This allows users to establish their VPN more flexibly.

Integrated Switch

The WLR-4002B is equipped with seven Gigabit LAN ports, which deliver the performance needed to connect network devices and transfer files and data at high speed. The integrated switch not only ensures maximum performance but is also energy-efficient: If no data is transmitted over one of the ports, the power consumption shuts down automatically.


Network security is of utmost importance for small businesses as their servers store critical information and sensitive customer data. The WLR-4002B safeguards confidential business communications and data with multiple levels of security. Robust business security includes Stateful-inspection firewall, Denial of Service (DoS) Defense and MAC, IP address and URL filtering to help protect the network. For wireless security the WLR-4002B comes pre-secured with an individual WPA2 wireless password. Sitecom Cloud Security is Sitecom's unique Unified Threat Management solution to protect all devices that are connected to the router via cable or wirelessly from viruses, malware, phishing and other forms of cybercrime.

Ease of use and durability

The WLR-4002B was designed specifically for small and home offices without an IT-department or IT-knowledge. A browser-based setup and configuration wizards makes it easy to setup the VPN functionality and get it up and running in minutes. Sitecom ForBusiness products are designed for a product life of several years. The robust aluminum casing of the router allows for highest durability. To help get the most out of the VPN router for years to come, the WLR-4002B includes IPv6 support, enabling business users to employ future networking applications and operating systems without costly upgrades.

The new WLR-4002B Wireless Gigabit VPN Router N300 is available now and comes with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty.

About Sitecom

Sitecom is one of the leading and fastest growing computer network brands for home and small business use. The Sitecom brand has a clear mission statement: "make it easy". Sitecom makes it easy to set up a home network and to expand it, since it converts technical products into user-friendly solutions which can be used immediately without any problems. Simplicity is what it is all about! The mission statement "make it easy" is put into practice throughout the organization and is expressed in both the solutions and the service which Sitecom offers. All of Sitecom's products, therefore, have a 10-year warranty. Making the latest technology simple, understandable and accessible is what Sitecom stands for and we make no concessions to that.

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