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Stefan Mileschin 23rd April 2013 06:32

Sitecom introduces next generation X6 router, the WLR-6100 Wi-Fi Router N900 X6
Sitecom introduces next generation X6 router, the WLR-6100 Wi-Fi Router N900 X6

The new WLR-6100 Wi-Fi Router N900 X6 is a feature-rich wireless-N router that offers ultimate all-round performance and coverage for a satisfying wireless Internet experience. Compared to the previous X6 router, the WLR-6100 features higher Wi-Fi speeds, a stronger chipset, an extra USB port and an integrated DLNA server.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), April 2013 - Sitecom launches its best-in-class wireless home router: the new WLR-6100 Wi-Fi Router N900 X6 is part of Sitecom's new generation of routers, the X-Series 3.0. With wireless speed of up to 450 Mbps on two frequencies, Simultaneous Dual-Band, Gigabit wired speed, 6 internal antennas to boost the coverage, IPv6 support, guest network access, VPN client support, two USB ports and an integrated DLNA server, the X6 is a state-of-the-art router that will easily satisfy any demanding user. Designed for an optimum wireless entertainment experience, the WLR-6100 works seamlessly with the latest entertainment and mobile devices such as Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Tablets, Ultrabooks and Smartphones. Thanks to the stronger chipset, the router can easily handle multiple demanding multimedia applications and provides for a smooth HD video streaming and uninterrupted online gaming experience. The new X6 router comes with a new white design, giving the router a high-end touch.

Network Storage, Media Streaming and Peripheral Sharing

The WLR-6100 comes equipped with two USB ports to connect a variety of USB devices. Thanks to the integrated Samba server, connected hard disks and USB sticks can be written to and accessed by all devices in the network. This enables users to make use of features that are usually only available with NAS devices such as scheduled computer back-ups. To provide for a satisfying wireless entertainment experience the WLR-6100 also comes equipped with a DLNA server to allow smooth streaming of HD videos and music across the home network. Alternatively, the USB ports can be switched to NetUSB mode. The USB ports then act as additional USB ports for a chosen device in the network. With the supplied software installed on several computers in the house, a printer, scanner, webcam or fax, connected to the NetUSB port of the router can be accessed by all these computers, one at a time, without physically having to connect the peripheral to the computer.

Guest Network & VPN client support

With the WLR-6100 users can create a guest network and use the router as a VPN client. Setting up a guest network, users can offer visiting friends and family members secure access to the Internet without exposing private content on computers and other devices connected to the router. The X6 router offers the possibility to create two guest networks, one for each wireless band (the standard 2,4 and the less crowded 5 GHz frequency band). In addition, the router can act as a VPN client (PPTP protocol) so that a connection can be established with a VPN server for sharing files and devices. This is ideal for end users who want to work at home and set up a simple and secure VPN tunnel to their company network.

Comprehensive Wireless Network Security and Internet Security

The WLR-6100 comes pre-secured with two individual WPA2 passwords to protect each wireless network, 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz, from intrusion. Sitecom Cloud Security, a unique security feature designed to protect all the devices in the home network against online threats while browsing, now offers two extra services: "Universal protection against software-vulnerabilities" and "Do-Not-Track". The "Universal protection against software-vulnerabilities" offers protection against drive-by exploits for which no virus signature exists and makes it extremely difficult for cybercriminals to infect computers. The "Do-Not-Track" feature implements an upcoming privacy standard through which users can communicate that their browsing behavior should not be tracked. Through the integration of the "Do-Not-Track" feature into the router, users can not only make use of it via their web browser on a PC or Mac but also from other web applications and mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets.


Maximum user-friendliness is the philosophy behind the X-Series 3.0. The X6 router is set-up within less than 2 minutes and without the need of CDs or installation software, ideal for users with mobile devices without CD drive such as Tablets, Smartphones or Ultrabooks. The X6 router features two OPS buttons (One-Push-Setup) to allow users to create a secure connection with each wireless band with the push of one button. Thanks to Auto-Channel-Selection, users can make sure the router gets setup automatically to make use of a free wireless channel, profiting from an undisturbed wireless signal.

The WLR-6100 Wi-Fi Router X6 N900 is available now and comes with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty. A new firmware which includes the aforementioned IPv6 support, guest network access, VPN client support and the two new Sitecom Cloud Security functionalities is available now and suitable for all routers and modem routers of the X-Series 3.0 and 2.0. Via the Automatic Firmware Update users will be notified and can benefit from all new features within minutes.

About Sitecom

Sitecom is one of the leading and fastest growing computer network brands for home and small business use. The Sitecom brand has a clear mission statement: "make it easy". Sitecom makes it easy to set up a home network and to expand it, since it converts technical products into user-friendly solutions which can be used immediately without any problems. Simplicity is what it is all about! The mission statement "make it easy" is put into practice throughout the organization and is expressed in both the solutions and the service which Sitecom offers. All of Sitecom's products, therefore, have a 10-year warranty. Making the latest technology simple, understandable and accessible is what Sitecom stands for and we make no concessions to that.

About Sitecom Cloud Security

Sitecom Cloud Security offers real-time protection against malware, phishing, exploits, malicious websites and potentially dangerous advertising and behavioral tracking without the need to run updates. The cloud is continuously fed with the latest malware information coming from four renowned Anti-Virus providers: Bitdefender, Emsisoft, IKARUS and SurfRight.

About the Sitecom X-Series 3.0

The new WLR-6100 Wi-Fi Router N900 X6 is part of Sitecom's new generation of routers, the X-Series 3.0. The X-Series 3.0 consists of four state-of-the-art router models ranging from X3 up to X6, that can be connected to existing DSL, cable or fibre modems. The routers are uniquely customized for different user needs with a distinct set of features that make it easy for the end-user to decide which model fits best. Maximum user-friendliness is the philosophy behind the X-Series 3.0!

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