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jmke 30th September 2009 13:02

A short little guide on Lapping the CPU IHS
Lapping an IHS on a CPU is not as hard as most think. It does not require hours of work, and there is none of this, 'You have to do this way, and only this way for perfect results.' Contrary to popular belief lapping the IHS can be done in a matter of minutes and still get a seriously high polish out of it.

jmke 30th September 2009 13:04

Lapping the IHS any good?

Rutar 30th September 2009 21:21

Some batches of IHS are really poor and others are better.

leeghoofd 1st October 2009 01:32

Using that high grid is a waste of time and just for the show (proven over and over again that super polished surfaces help almost nothing in reducing temps...

I always use tape on the edges and the Intel protective cover at the back...

I find it funny that they not even mention to lap CPU's when they are concave or convex...(or just a tip for the readers on how to check the flatness of their IHS) A good IHS will hardly benefit from a lap job...

It would have been nice to include temp differences too...

And last moot point, don't use the Swiftech GTZ with the stock mounting on a lapped CPU ( as the pressure has been preset by Swiftech itself...)

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