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jmke 19th October 2007 15:41

Shipments of Intel’s Quad-Core Chips Tops Three Million Units
After relatively slow start quad-core processors are beginning to rapidly gain popularity among various customers. Paul Otellini, chief executive of Intel Corp. said during a conference with financial analysts on Tuesday that shipments of chips with four processing engines topped three million units last quarter.

“We launched our first quad-core processor in November of last year, and by the [end of the] second quarter [we] had shipped our first million units. With demand for our quad-core products accelerating, we shipped over 2 million units in the third quarter alone. We now offer over 20 unique quad-core processor designs,” said Mr. Otellini during the conference call with financial analysts.

Sidney 19th October 2007 15:49

Drop the price to ~$200, you'd sell even more (no financial guru needed).

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