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Bosw8er 24th February 2009 22:56

Seriously impressed by speed of Safari 4 BETA
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for Mac & PC, we have too much choice?

jmke 25th February 2009 08:11

it's using Chrome like interface no?

Bosw8er 25th February 2009 08:36


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 232001)
it's using Chrome like interface no?

It looks A LOT like Chrome
Speed: feels as fast as Opera, a tiny bit faster then Chrome
Only difference is it keeps opening links in new windows in stead of new tabs, no matter which setting i use ... very annoying

jmke 25th February 2009 08:51

a challenger appears?

wutske 25th February 2009 09:03

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Definatly too much browsers are being used nowadays, especialy annoying for website development, especialy IE6 is annoying

About the new safari, I don't know if you've installed safari, but it's far from chrome-look-a-like, but that's not a bad thing because safari looks a lot better :D . It's also incredibly fast and it definatly feels a lot more lightweight as opera or even chrome :redface:

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