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Sidney 9th May 2005 05:36

Sennheiser RS130 Headphones review
The search for the perfect set of wireless headphones is often one fraught in disappointment and annoyance. First you have to decide between two technologies: Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR). At the very first step of the decision to go wireless, you are making a compromise since neither is perfect. RF is often plagued by interference and IR requires line of sight between the headphones and the base station. IR headphones tend to be interference free, since good placement of the base station can ensure a good connection. Either the connection is there and you have sound, or the line of sight is interrupted, and you have no sound. Quality is very binary: either the sound is present and at maximum quality, or it isnít there at all. RF headphones operate on a gradient of connection quality. Depending on radio interference, your connection is almost never at maximum possible quality, but you have a more reliable connection.

Most tolerable wireless headphone sets are priced over $500, and most cheap ones are unusable. Thankfully, the Sennheiser RS130s are a nice compromise between price and quality that wonít break the bank or have you running for your tethered cans. Add to that great overall design and you have a very viable option for replacing your wired headphones.

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