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jmke 12th August 2008 10:27

Seasonic M12-700W 12CM Modular Power Supply Review
Well today I will be reviewing a 700W power supply from a company you all should know by now. Itís from a company that Iíve said is among the best in the industry and kick started the 80PLUS program mainstream. I remember I reviewed the old SS-300 and SS-400 power supplies from Seasonic a few years back and while it didnít impress me, Iíve got to say Seasonic has improved leaps and bounds.

Power supply demands have grown over the past few years with the arrival of faster machines sporting dual cores and quad core architectures that itís crazy to think of where weíre at today. Itís not even microprocessors but also graphics cards where one card can draw huge chunks of power from a system. And Seasonic being a leader in the power supply business has come out with an 80PLUS unit featuring a modular cabling system weíve all come to want. This seems like a really great package on paper and weíll see how it performs. It is the Seasonic M12 700W 12CM fan power supply (the M designation meaning Modular)

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