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jmke 9th February 2010 14:57

Seagate debuts the Savvio 10K.4 enterprise HDDs
Cayman Islands-abandoning storage company Seagate Technology has initiated shipments of its newest 2.5-inch enterprise hard drive which goes by the name of Savvio 10K.4 and comes in 450GB and 600GB capacities. The fresh HDDs work at 10,000 RPM (rotations per minute), have a MTBF (mean time before failure) of 2 million hours, 16MB of cache, are available with either 6 Gbps SAS or 4 Gb/s Fiber Channel, and boast an average latency of 3ms.
"Our customers face challenging storage needs requiring the most efficient use of space and power while maintaining the highest performance possible," said Howard Shoobe, senior manager, Dell Storage Product Management. "The new 2.5-inch 10K-rpm 600GB capacity point allows a doubling of capacity within the same rack space of current 3.5-inch 15K 600GB drives while increasing overall system-level performance and decreasing power usage."

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