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jmke 4th October 2007 16:42

Scythe Ninja Mini CPU Cooler
The Scythe Ninja CPU Cooler is one of the most highly praised and sought after CPU coolers on the market today, some would say it's the best when it comes to cooling and even overclocking. Scythe has introduced a little brother of the Ninja aptly named the Ninja Mini, the basic design is essentially the same except for the fact that it looks like someone either cut it in half or maybe squashed it down to half the size. The Ninja Mini is more aimed at the HTPC market with its smaller size, but it can be used with any system where a smaller sized cooler is needed, or any system at all actually. Can it live up to the hype of its' big brother? I put it through some tests to find out, so continue on to see what I found out about this little guy.. mid=38

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