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Sidney 3rd September 2004 04:28

16x16 DVD Dual Drive with Dual Layer Technology
Today we review the Data Castle BT32 SATA rack, a nice addition for those of you who own more than one PC and transfer huge amounts of data between them. And being SATA, you will be able to hot-plug your HD without any risk to your system.

Xploited Titan 3rd September 2004 05:57

Dubble post :D

Xploited Titan 3rd September 2004 05:58


Originally posted by Xploited Titan

Dubble post :D

Sorry, had to be double post :-/

Sidney 3rd September 2004 06:25

Thanks; nice correction I made, didn't I? ;)

Xploited Titan 3rd September 2004 06:58

Indeed, but isn't it possible to change the title also? People will be decieved now :D

jmke 3rd September 2004 07:38


Xploited Titan 3rd September 2004 07:49

Thanks, and sorry for being annoying :hello:

jmke 3rd September 2004 09:26

if you don't check up on us, who else will? ;)

thanks for your help :hello:

Xploited Titan 3rd September 2004 10:52

my pleasure :D

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