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jmke 1st January 2010 03:32

Sandforce SSD controller tested: The Fastest MLC SSD Ever?
And it only gets more complicated from here on out. The old JMicron drives were easy to cast aside. They behaved like jerks when you tried to use them. Now the true difference between SSDs rears its head after months or years of use. I say that because unlike my first experience with OCZís Vertex, the Vertex 2 did not disappoint. Or to put it more directly: itís the first drive Iíve seen thatís actually better than Intelís X25-M G2.

The cost of the Vertex 2 Pro is going to be high. Higher than Intelís X25-M and any other consumer level SSD on the market today. OCZ is targeting it at the very high end desktop/workstation user or perhaps even entry level enterprise customer. We wonít see the Vertex 2 Pro available in the channel until March. But this isnít the only SandForced based SSD weíll get from OCZ though.

jmke 1st January 2010 03:42


CPU Intel Core i7 965 running at 3.2GHz (Turbo & EIST Disabled)
take note that Anand does his SSDs tests without Turbo mode & EIST. enabling power saving features might have a negative impact on performance.

FireTech 1st January 2010 09:21

but if uses the same test methodology on all drives then shouldn't it allow for a reasonable comparison?

jmke 1st January 2010 10:31

yes yes, not saying the test or setup is flawed; only that you might get lower performance is you have enabled all power saving features in your BIOS (especially c-states = enabled will cut down max SATA performance)

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