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jmke 25th March 2010 11:15

Rumors hit web about Unigine Heaven being optimized for NVIDIA
As for Tessellation... Voxels (volumetric pixels) are a more efficient method of rendering complex details, saves an ENORMOUS amount on processing power and memory, and can be run directly on dedicated tessellation units. Tessellation was a great idea, but it requires separate model and texture sets, as seaming is a problem when they don't exist as a duality in the program data sets. To avoid seaming gaps, the models/textures need to overlap, and Unigine are not bothered by that issue.

The tessellation seam gap problem is not existent in the 4A engine used in Metro 2033, Dirt 2 or Aliens vs. Predator 2010. The authors of these programs took the issue into account and worked with the functions of Tessellation.

The id Tech 5 engine took a different approach, and is still an amazing looking engine to this day. I don't want to sound like a John Carmack fanboy, but he does take his time in writing his software, and the id Tech Engines have always been on top of the charts, using existing technology.

Fermi will ROCK in the Unigine Heaven benchmarks, but it won't be anything in the real world, as the engine does not take into account that Tessellation, Physx, Render and Shader processes all have to work on the same CUDA cores together.

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