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jmke 5th February 2009 23:00

Rumor Mill: Intel will do GPU for Playstation 4 ?
FOR THE NEXT next generation of consoles, PS4, XBox3 and Wii2, it looks like Intel is in, Nvidia is out. The picture for their GPUs is starting to become clear.

Yeah, Intel won the PS4 GPU, no shock considering how much they needed a console win to get people coding for Larrabee. They can either convince companies to put in a code path for the chip in Big Budget Mediocre Sequel 7: Vengeance of the Farmland Creatures by sending people with wads of money and begging, or get a console win. They got a console win, and it was the right way to go.

Some people hanging around the Sony booth at CES were nice enough to let us in on the scoop. It seems Nvidia has proverbially bent Sony over like they did MS on the XBox, and are not really welcome there any more. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys, either way, but hardly an unexpected outcome.

jmke 5th February 2009 23:03

Sony shoots down Intel GPU in PS4 rumour

TechRadar spoke with a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe rep who told us in no uncertain terms, "it's nonsense, and is quite possibly the best work of fiction I've read, since Lord of the Rings."

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