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Sidney 22nd April 2005 13:23

Revoltec Liquid-Icer Rev .2 watercooling kit
XtremeResources has once again turned its mindset to watercooling as our European Hardware reviewer Grace takes the Revoltec Liquid-Icer Rev.2 Water Cooling Kit for an evaluative ride aboard an Intel 3.73 Extreme Edition ES, Prescott N0 core CPU. Grace is modest in her testing of this kit, as she successfully attained a stable 4.7Ghz with this watercooling. What is not mentioned in the review but was published on the XR forums was her cracking the 5Ghz barrier utilizing this kit, hitting 5.02Ghz which is indeed an excellent showing of this EE Prescott P4 on the Revoltec watercooling kit.

"Just a few years ago, water cooling a PC component was practically unheard of. At some point some people did however and some companies jumped o*n the opportunity to create water cooling systems for the enthusiasts, claiming a share of that market. So water cooling became something known and widely used just 2 years ago, evolving rapidly. Revoltec had o*ne of the first and oldest complete kits around, the Liquid-Icer. It was a nice, simple water cooling kit, great for Athlon socket A processors at the time. But time has come for it to evolve as well. Revoltec just introduced the new version of the Liquid-Icer, the Liquid-Icer rev.2, which is available for all the mainstream sockets available currently, claiming to perform great o*n all of them. To my good fortune, I have a Liquid-Icer rev.2 for socket 775 here for testing, to its bad fortune with the hottest CPU currently available, the Pentium 4 EE Prescott core. Let us see how this water cooling kit can fare against the heat of an overclocked Prescott.

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