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jmke 23rd March 2009 21:23

Reviewers unimpressed with MSI's X-Slim X340 $1699 Laptop
The X340 has a single core CPU the 1.2GHz Core 2 Solo U3300, which some users may find underpowered. Disturbingly like the Wind U115, it also uses the greatly inferior Sentelic touchpad. This requires the user to tap areas of the touch pad rather than swipe in order to scroll. If tap to click is enabled, this often results in things being clicked you don't want clicked, such as links on web pages.

Remember the "wow" factor we talked about earlier? This all disappears when you realise how cheaply the X340 is made.,00.htm

jmke 23rd March 2009 21:24


No doubt our unit is an engineering sample but it felt really filmsy in our hands. The keyboard too had way too much flex for our liking and while the trackpad is spacious with plenty of room, it is a basic one that lacks the scrolling feature found on other notebooks.

The audio was also a largely muted affair, as even in a quiet room, we could barely make out the audio at full volume when playing movie trailers. The cooling fan too was noisy and irritating - at times sounding like a high-pitched blow dryer. Hopefully, the final retail version will change our minds.

Rutar 23rd March 2009 23:34

People will NOT pay 1600 $ for an oversized Wind, I would have sent the engineers and designers back to drawing board if that was their best.

Dell got MSI in the bag with the Adamo, nothing beats that sexy alu thinness (also has a Core Duo and 16.39mm)

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