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jmke 14th June 2005 18:47

Real Life Death Match "Not as Fun" as Teens Hoped
Buffalo Grove, IL - Seven teens were killed and two injured during a real-life "death match" they engaged in a suburban Chicago home.

The teens got the idea for the real-life death match after countless hours playing online death matches against one another. "Crazee-Rod always had such high ping times that it slowed everybody else down, so T-Banger said we should just do it for real at his house," said survivor Kevin Wilkins

While saddened by the loss of his friends Hastert said he "totally pwned them" but getting shot in the leg by a .357 was "not as fun" as he'd hoped.

easypanic 14th June 2005 19:55

You've got to be kidding me....

jmke 14th June 2005 19:56

I am

wutske 14th June 2005 20:02

I still don't het it, how on earth do they think that can be fun, don't they see movies, where people suffer when they get shot in the leg ? Dzjees, no brainers.
And teens with a gun, bad parents I think.

jmke 14th June 2005 20:04


Originally posted by easypanic
You've got to be kidding me....

Originally posted by jmke
I am

easypanic 14th June 2005 20:06

Wrong forum?

jmke 14th June 2005 20:16

no :)

but don't worry, you're not the first one ;)

easypanic 14th June 2005 21:06

Rutar 15th June 2005 12:14

means a lot that we even consider this to be possibly real :/

Faiakes 16th June 2005 09:23

If you had said that they were american teens I would have believed it.

If they can kill each other at schools why not this?

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