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Stefan Mileschin 12th March 2012 07:08

Raspberry Pi Suffers Minor Production Glitch
In late-February, the first batch of Raspberry Pi shipped out, but a minor production issue soon surfaced. The RJ-45 jack (common Ethernet port) soldered onto Raspberry Pi units were the ones without integrated magnets, leaving these boards without network connectivity. The problem was traced back to a sourcing glitch, and as The Verge writes, is not a difficult mistake to make. To fix the problem, one has to desolder the old jacks, and replace them with new ones. The pin-density of an RJ-45 jack isn't high, and a simple soldering kit is all one needs. The Raspberry Pi team is sourcing as many of these proper RJ-45 jacks as possible to put production of the next batch of these tiny computers back on track.

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