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Stefan Mileschin 29th June 2012 06:23

Raspberry Pi to float on around the world
The tiny British computer, the Raspberry Pi, has ambitions to float around the world.

The credit card sized computer that costs next to nothing is about to become the brain of a tiny boat that its developer wants to cross the Atlantic Ocean unaided.

Dubbed FishPi, the boat will be made of a Raspberry Pi computer strapped to a solar panel and encased in a model boat. It will be then expected to get across the sea without sinking.

The developer Greg Holloway was quoted on Raspberry Pi's bog as saying that his model boat will have to cope with 25-foot waves, 100km/h winds, torrential rain, lightning, mermaids and the occasional sea monster.

So far, a Raspberry Pi's ability to deal with being turned into a Jonah has never been tested as it is not on anyone's list.

FishPi will be powered by a 130watt solar panel, so there will be no masts or sails - it will use batteries, charged by the solar panel.

On-board will be a compass, GPS and camera so we always know where the boat is.

If the project does get off the ground, then it could mean that the oceans will be packed full of model boats being powered by budget British computers. It will be just like the days when Britannia ruled the waves, only on a much smaller scale.

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