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Liquid3D 18th October 2003 14:03

Rambus doesn't die after all
Rambus has apparantly won it's first series of court battles, as the Supreme Court failed to uphold a suit filed by Infineon they witheld patent info for SDRAM standards back in the 1990's. Make no mistake about it, this was one of the primary reasons Intel dropped the stanard entirely, and went strictly DDR.

But with Rambus revenues up %17, things may be getting better. If Rambus wins this suit, you can most liekly expect, already troubled Infineon to truly suffer as they would be forced to pay Rambus approximately $45-million annuallly. Infinieon even went as far as to hire Kenneth Star in this matter (that must have cost them $6-million easy). The total from all lawsuits (Micron, Hynix, etc) whould give Rambus loyaties owed in the amount of $420-million annually!!! That's a big *** chunk of the memory market. Apparantly Rambus's Patents are being used in memory even today.

On another note their moving forward with the largest memory maker on the planet Samsung to build more RDRAM. Here's a quote from the article;
"In addition, Tate said, Rambus's memory interface product lines are continuing to deliver with Samsung recently moving its 1200MHz RDRAM chip into mass production..."

This from an artcile at Electronic News;

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