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Stefan Mileschin 4th October 2011 06:29

RAGE is creatively and mechanically bankrupt, but it sure is pretty
RAGE does a few things right. The game runs on the id Tech 5 engine, and it's absolutely beautiful. PC copies of the game haven't been unlocked yetówe'll have coverage lateróbut on the 360 the game is an absolute stunner. The engine handles internal and wide open areas with ease, with a solid frame rate and only a little texture pop-in after we installed the game on the 360's hard drive. The racing sections and minigames are fun. We've now reached the end of the rosy section of this post.

Many reviewers went to an event where they had two days to sit down and play the game straight through. I can't imagine being put in that position; forced to play this airless, inert experience for long stretches. The story doesn't matter, and the world mixes Fallout with Borderlands for something that feels both routine and bland. Your character wakes up in a dystopian future, and then another character hands you a gun and tells you to start killing. You go from realizing everyone you love is dead to shooting bad guys in about 30 seconds. Of course, your mute character is just fine with all this. gn=rss

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