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jmke 4th November 2010 16:22

Radeon HD6870 with LN2: A minor fiasco
The card I tested was one of AMD's reference cards, which means it is one of the first cards to leave the factory. The card did well in the first runs and made a good impression. With only stock voltage the card climbed up to 1000 MHz GPU and 1175 MHz on the memory. So far everything was going fine and performance scaled well with the clock frequency.

The next step was to up the voltage and beat Jonas "Mean Machine" Klar's result, which was a GPU frequency of 1030mhz+. Jonas reached this with retail cards that should be more mature, but our hopes were still high. This was not as easy as we had thought, and the card simply refused to work at anything but the stock voltage of ~1.175V. Since we have seen others do 1.30V and higher our first thoughts was that the software wasn't working well. After some research online we decided to hard-mod instead, just to be safe. This improved nothing, it actually made things worse.

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