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Stefan Mileschin 16th March 2012 06:33

PS3 root hacker, GeoHot, busted for $15 weed chocolate
Remember the PS3 hacker, George Hotz, who made the Sony console's root key available? The company, furious and embarrassed, decided that it wanted to track him down at any cost - attempting to sue him and even securing a restraining order- before eventually cooling off and going quiet on the matter.

The initial reasoning for breaking the PS3 open was so the open source community could run open software, like Linux. But Sony famously doesn't like to lose control over what its machines are capable of - the PSP's homebrewing community was a persistant thorn in its side - and attempted to clamp down, hard.

Hotz also put the wind up Apple by being the first person to jailbreak an iPhone.

Apple's legal team did not coerce San Francisco's police into storming Hotz' home. And Sony could not convince Hotz to meet a dignified end with an apologetic seppuku session. Instead, the rumour goes, on the way to giving a talk at this year's South by SouthWest show in Austin, Hotz allegedly drove cannabis and cannabis chocolate through a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca. The sniffer dogs got him.

Now, according to, Hotz had a medical marijuana licence for his home state of California. But the local authorities allegedly took the full weight of the chocolate - equivalent to an eighth of an ounce - as the amount of marijuana he was taking through. Hotz was told his chocolate was worth roughly $800 on the street, despite the fact he only paid $15 for it.

The hacker is said to have been booked for a felony, according to AboveTheLaw, and posted $1,500 in bail.

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