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jmke 26th November 2007 15:03

Peer into Intelís Future: 2008 Roadmaps
We don't often peer into the ether here at PC Perspective to give our readers an outlook very far into the future, simply because that has traditionally not been our style. Taking rumors from other sources and then spouting off about our predictions for various technologies is more the news hounds of the world rather than the actual hardware reviewers. Besides, most of the information we get from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA is protected under those damn NDAs.

Every once in a while though some data comes across our desk that isn't from the companies directly and we like to share that whenever we can. A large amount of Intel roadmaps and documentation was recently found that gives us a clearer view of how the chip leader is going to execute for the remainder of 2007 and well into 2008.

jmke 26th November 2007 15:05


if you want to know what the cheapest Nehalem will cost you a year from now, the first of the two charts will tell you: roughly $300-$350.

If you think that's rather steep, welcome to the new Intel Order. Look at that chart, and there are practically no price cuts planned through 2008.

thorgal 26th November 2007 16:22

Only one thing to say in response to the Intel show : go AMD !!

(unless you'd like to pay double for a pc two years from now ;) )

Kougar 26th November 2007 17:56

I think the article has some very valid concerns, however that said I think they mostly saw what they were looking to see in those charts.

I don't think they have any ground to claim Intel plans zero price cuts for next year based off that chart because there is little info to base it from.

They make some points about value, but they neglected to mention the roadmap states sub-$60 Dual-Core Conroe-L based Celerons. More importantly they ignore that Intel plans to phase out and replace previous hardware with higher clocked versions at the same price points across their entire range of offerings, which is usual modus operandi for Intel.

As far as the claims about Nehalem pricing at $300 and above, it needs to be pointed out that Nehalem launches in Q4... just like Penryn has "launched" in Q4. That is to say Intel won't really be bringing out Penryns until Q1'08, and the same can likely be said of Nehalem which would be Q1'09, outside that chart's purview. If they want to gripe about the lack of Nehalem chips priced under $300, they should be doing the same about the lack of Penryn chips priced below $999 right now, which is what it basically amounts to doing.

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