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jmke 13th October 2004 12:52

PC3200 DDR CL2 2-2-5 Samsung memory round
The memory kits we have from Corsair, Kingston, Mushkin, OCZ, and PQI are pretty much identical. They all have models with identical latencies (2-2-2-5), some basic heat spreaders, Samsung TCCD IC's and a lifetime warranty. So, memory modules using identical IC's at identical latencies should yield similar results. We found that this was not the case and discovered a new bottleneck for memory -- the PCB. Sit back and grab a drink while we reveal the bottle neck to you so the dedicated enthusiast knows what is going on.

jmke 13th October 2004 12:58

interesting read!

kristos 13th October 2004 14:42


As I know, the TCCD only has two pcbs,
1. B6U808

"my personal experience" is that 808 performs better than 815

Yes, we are using Brain Power PCB :)

jmke 13th October 2004 23:59

GSKill I received here is 808
they perform great at tight timings; should have a mobo capable of some xtreme clocks this weekend:)

Sidney 14th October 2004 00:03

I would think the IC is the key; PCB layers 3,4,5,6 might effect surface mount components I would "think" and not negatively impact the performance. Interesting.

kristos 26th October 2004 22:41

link has changed too

jmke 26th October 2004 22:43

thanks :)

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