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jmke 14th May 2010 09:31

Pay $100,000 to John Carmack and he'll take you into Space
Forget about renting an island - the real exclusivity is entering the First 10, then the First 100 and First 1000 clubs. As such, Space and flying into is a dream ticket to one of rare exclusive clubs remaining.

Armadillo Aerospace Space RocketTeaming up with "Space Adventures", an exclusive tourism agency, Armadillo Aerospace is building a space ship that will enable you to fly into space for an incredibly low sum of $102,000 per person. Competing Virgin Galactic charges you $200,000, but there are differences in experience. Virgin Galactic leaves the Spaceport, flies up to a certain height, the space ship is dropped and a rocket engine is activated - catapulting you into the orbit. Armadillo Aerospace probably offers you more adrenaline, as you're sitting on top of an rocket and get launched from the ground to 62 miles, i.e. 100 kilometers above Earth's surface in a non-stop, rocket powered fashion.

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