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jmke 7th June 2008 21:24

Palit 9600GSO Sonic 768MB Review
Although the 9600GSO is the newest addition to NVIDIA's ninth generation, it isn't exactly as new as one might think. The standard 9600GSO shares all of the same specifications as does the 8800GS, which came out in January of this year. Although the under-reviewed 8800GS did not weigh down many North American hardware shelves, in Europe this card obtained a slightly more noticeable reputation as a less expensive, well-performing, sort-of "8800 GT Lite", with significant overclocking potential. While being re-packaged as 9600 GSO might annoy those who believe they are getting the latest product still hot out of NVIDIA's fabs, this card nonetheless has a combination of enticing specifications that could point towards a gaming bargain.

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