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Sidney 8th November 2007 17:32

Overclocking: Dual- vs. Quad-Core CPUs
In this article, we present a complete solution consisting of a processor, a cooler, a motherboard and RAM that may become an item on the wish list of many of our readers. We also guide you through the configuration and show you what settings need to be selected for the system to run both stably and fast.

jmke 8th November 2007 19:34

How can the Quad Core outperform the Dual Core in almost all of the games tested, when only one of the games supports multicore :/

Rutar 8th November 2007 19:59

impressive is that hthe Yorkfield is almost as fast as a 10% higher clocked Kentsfield in Supreme Commander

jmke 8th November 2007 21:13

the ONLY game which supports MULTI cores AND makes good use of the extra L2 Cache

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