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jmke 9th December 2004 09:47

Overclocking the AMD ATHLON XP-M CPU
Before jumping into the overclocking details, I am going to go over the specifications of the test rig that was used. Firstly though, let me explain why I chose to use the AMD Athlon XP-M chip. The main reason is that now both major processor companies perform clock-locking of their chips. This has meant that new unlocked chips can only be found in AMD’s top of the line FX series chips or pre-week 39 Bartons.

[M] AXP-M experience ( 1st March '04)

Sidney 9th December 2004 15:02

Using only Sandra for stability test is not enough.;)

jmke 9th December 2004 15:19

at least run 3DMark

kr15t0f 9th December 2004 18:55

reading this article reminded me my CPU was still running at 1.8V :D @2.2Ghz

clocked it back after my last oc attempt, but forgot the Vcore :D

Well, now I'm sure that my cooling is OK.
Or my temp reading is fault :D

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