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jmke 25th October 2010 18:39

ORB Support of Legacy Benchmarks - Round 2
Last week we made an announcement about the upcoming full rewrite of the ORB, complete with some changes and a planned discontinuation of legacy benchmark ORB support. We asked for your feedback and boy did we get it. In fact we were taken completely by surprise by the number of people who wanted us to continue supporting older benchmarks.

We are really pleased that so many people still find the older benchmarks useful and entertaining. So, we took another look and discussed the subject at length, considering what could be done, with all options on the table.

After considering the situation, we decided to take the time and do the extra work to continue supporting older benchmarks. It can't be done in time for the launch of the new service, but adding support for 3DMark03 and 3DMark05 to it will be our top priority. There will be a short transition during which 03/05 support will be unavailable.

As to 3DMark 2001 SE, we debated on it a lot but ultimately it boils down to several obstacles that, in combination, prevent us from adding it to the new system.

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