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Wolf2000me 21st April 2005 11:31

Opera 8 released!

Opera 8 has been released.

I'd like to hear your opinion :)


Bosw8er 21st April 2005 12:00

Bought Opera 7.54 and upgraded for free to 8.0

+ looks (of opera and websites)
+ speed
+ configuring
- still not a standard so many sites look awkward in Opera (but not in IE or FF)
- some sites don't work properly (citrix clients - gmail - i can't login to 1 belgian governement site where i have to give a password to enter

My advice: don't have these problems with FF, so ...

wutske 21st April 2005 16:08

I have Opera 7.23 atm and I think it's the greatest. I don't realy like the new taskbarplacements and all the stuff and I honestly hardly have any problems with websites.
I only just can 't get to hotmail, gmail works, but not as fancy as in FF.
For the rest, I just love the mousegestures, the speed and the mail client (I prefer it to TB)

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