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jmke 22nd September 2010 08:12

OCZ RevoDrive PCI-Express RAID-0 SSD
In conclusion, OCZ's RevoDrive PCI-Express SSD offers two things to performance enthusiasts that other SSDs do not: bandwidth speeds beyond SATA-3.0 GB/s capabilities, and absolutely incredible operational IOPS performance. Unfortunately, these things come at the expense of several coveted storage utilities: TRIM garbage collection, Native Command Queuing (NCQ), and Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART). Until Silicon Image is able to incorporate these features into their driver so they'll pass through to the SSD, users will depend on SandForce's otherwise noteworthy NAND management.

The RevoDrive SSD will be a good fit for extreme-performance hardware enthusiasts who desire the fastest speeds and best operational performance, with some limited sever use. While I will always maintain that RAID-0 is not fit for business environments (even with routine backups), there are still a few very good situations where a PCI-Express SSD like the RevoDrive could be a good fit: virtual machine server, remote-access application server, high-transaction database server, and extreme-traffic web server... none of which should be production level without redundant safe guards. . id=60

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