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jmke 14th August 2008 16:31

OCZ Core Series SSD 2x32GB in RAID 0 Tested
After what seems like a monumental delay my pair of 32Gb OCZ core series SSD finally arrived, so I'll just share my initial results with you. I'm mainly interested to see if they really are as fast as they say and also which stripe sizes give maximum performance.

As is plain to see the larger the Stripe size the better the performance, at least in regard to Sustained Transfer rates with 128k Stripe offering 220.7MB/s or 238.7MB/s depending which benchmark you go by and it has to be said that it does make you wonder what would happen if even higher stripe sizes were available. It was curious that the access times didn't improve at all when running in RAID 0 vs single drive as is normally found on conventional HDD's.

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