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Stefan Mileschin 10th July 2016 15:53

Nvidia shows off new rendering tech
Nvidia has been showing off its new rendering technology which it has backed into the latest series of ‘Pascal’ GPUs.

Dubbed Simultaneous Multi-projection, it is designed to enhance VR rendering performance and will soon come to Unreal Engine and Unity.

An Nvidia statement said that the ‘Simultaneous Multi-projection’ which has the same acronym as a Scottish Member of Parliament allows Pascal-based GPUs to render multiple views from the same origin point with just one geometry pass.

This renders multiple views which would have required a pass for each projection. SMP can manage up to 16 views can be rendered in a single pass (or up to 32 projections in the case of rendering from two viewpoints for VR).

This makes it rather useful for VR because it can do what Nvidia calls ‘Lens Matched Shading’ and avoid rendering pixels which end up being discarded in the final view sent to the display in the VR headset after the distortion process.

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