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Massman 25th June 2008 22:05

NVIDIA Responds To GPU PhysX Cheating Allegations
During the benchmark install, a runtime library is updated to allow the test to run on the GPU and then during the test, it addresses the benchmark DLLs to the GPU instead of the PPU or CPU. Nothing within the benchmark is changed at all. No software libraries or even a line of code changes in the benchmark whatsoever. The only thing that changes is that installer, nothing else. It has been said that the tests results look different on the screen when running with PhysX enabled on the GPU. And of course this is true, just as the screen results look different when you test on a dual-core CPU versus a quad-core. This isn't a graphics test; it's a physics test. 3DMark Vantage specifically scales more complexity into a scene to take advantage of additional physics compute resources, which of course is why it looks so different/better on a test run with PhysX processing on our GPUs. This is by design in the benchmark and if the folks accusing us took the time to run it, they would know that.

jmke 25th June 2008 22:21

Did they even read what the "cheat" was all about? Their driver release changes the CPU test. This is not allowed according the Futuremark guidelines.

"no VIDEO CARD driver release should impact the CPU test scores"

that's what the rules say. NVIDIA's driver changes CPU test 2 score. Thus.... it's not a valid driver for that benchmark:)

We have followed them to a tee and this new beta driver has not been submitted for consideration.

they are just responding to the "header" used by TheInq of their article;)


Mark Rein for UT3


We couldn't care less about synthetic benchmarks. Real players play real games and in this case there is a real performance gain for a large number of users playing our game. The updated drivers that people are talking about allow properly-equipped Unreal Tournament 3 players users to use some amazing UT3 content that was specifically designed to take advantage of hardware-accelerated physics. So now that content works on high-end Nvidia graphics cards, as opposed to Ageia PPUs. This is a great thing as high-end Nvidia cards number in the millions, or tens of millions, compared to Ageia PPUs which obviously numbered far, far less. So Nvidia has done a cool optimization that allows their customers to get more value and performance out of their graphics cards. How anyone could possibly confuse this for a bad thing is beyond me.
How can it be beyond him that this driver releases changes the VIDEO CARD benchmark Vantage in an incorrect way not sanctioned by those who developed the benchmark? What's there so difficult to understand? Did TheInq ever say that allowing PhysX on the GPU was a bad thing for games? I can't find it? It's obvious with the release of GT200 and HD4800 that Vantage will matter for e-penis contests and the PhysX enabled driver makes NVIDIA stand out nicely in result charts, right? ;)

phlegm 26th June 2008 01:46

The constant optimization war is the main problem with 3DMark. It's gotten to the point that performance in 3DMark has almost nothing to do with actual game performance other than as a vague rule-of-thumb. This is just next step on the path of it becoming completely irrelevant to enthusiasts.

piotke 26th June 2008 08:59

This might not be a valid driver for futuremark. But for the end user it is. Better performance, WITHOUT loosing quality. Not as before, when a cheat caused degradation of the images.

T'is is just using the hardware in a better way.

jmke 26th June 2008 09:36

I agree that for games this driver rocks!

only FM needs to make a clear stand of whether or not they will allow GPU based acceleration in CPU tests for their benchmark. From what I've read, if they "ok" the PhysX driver, they are halfway there. THis will make Vantage a NVIDIA Tech demo;)

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