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jmke 5th December 2008 17:12

NVIDIA Renaming Desktop & Mobile GPUs Again
It appears Nvidia is carrying out the rebranding of their GPUs on both desktop and mobile front. On the desktop front, there are GeForce GTS 150 based on G92, GeForce GT 130 based on G94, GeForce GT 120 based on G96 and GeForce G100 based on G98. On the mobile front, there are GeForce GTX 180M and GTX 170M based on G92, GeForce GTS 160M based on G94, GeForce GT 130M and G 110M based on G96 and GeForce G 105M based on G98.

npp 5th December 2008 21:24

This guys are total idiots... I'm keeping a close eye on what's happening on the hardware front and it's getting difficult even for me to distinguish between all this crap. They are trying to make sense of it, but it's just getting worse.

Kougar 6th December 2008 00:10

Most of it doesn't really seem to matter anymore... just means the older parts are a better bargain. Might wonder if anything got a die shrink, if they are changing the names again for the 3rd or 4th time, probably going to stay around on the market for awhile to come.

Someone should nomiate NVIDIA for the green recycling award...

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