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jmke 8th April 2005 11:19

NVIDIA nForce4 Based SFF Reviewed: Shuttle SN25P XPC
NVIDIA’s nForce4 core-logic based mainboards brought a number of impressive feature-set and strong performance to the desktop PCs running AMD Athlon 64 processors. Now Shuttle is here to put one of the most advanced platforms in a small form-factor PC.

“While the “standard” nForce4 chip used in the SN25P cannot support SATA-II/300 disk connectivity, nor can it support dual PCI Express graphics card like the nForce4 SLI, it still provides the vast majority of the core nForce4 functions in an incredibly small system. Raw performance will not be much greater compared to the previous generation SN95G5, but the SN25P can use top of the line PCI Express graphics cards, which the SN95G5 cannot. With an Athlon64 FX-55 processor and a GeForce 6800 Ultra PCIe card in this box, performance will be far and above competing Intel XPC options. In gaming, at least,” writes GamePC.

“While the SN25P is probably the best Athlon64 based XPC, we can’t help but wonder if Shuttle went the extra mile or not. In our opinion, Shuttle should’ve used the chassis they did with the SB86i which is not only the more beautiful, but also very silent and offers identical expansion features. Sure, it’s based on a BTX design, but we really think that a little more effort from Shuttle might have helped in modifying that chassis for the Athlon64 based platform especially since they don’t run as hot as Pentium4s nowadays. Besides the design, there were three other things that the SN25P could’ve improved upon. First- it’s a bit noisy; second- it’s a bit hard to install a dual slot video solution which is certainly tempting- considering the awesome 350W PSU present inside and lastly, the choice of an x1 PCI-E over the standard 32-bit PCI slot which has a lot more expansion cards available for it,” concludes t-break.


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