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jmke 14th August 2008 16:20

nVidia Mobility Modder Tool goes public!
Our Ati Mobility Modder has been an enthusiast favourite for years now, with over 10 million downloads it seems there are a lot of laptop users who don't want to wait on their manufacturer updating driver sets. Let's be honest, most of the major laptop makers are normally lagging many months behind the latest official driver sets from either nVidia or ATI.

With the success of our free ATI modding tool we felt it was a good idea to begin development of an automated tool for nVidia enthusiasts who like to game on the go. Newer drivers have bug fixes, performance enhancements as well as possibly making a hot new game playable on various platforms.

Please bear in mind that V0.3.0 is a public beta and is still under development, so please use this at your own risk. We make every precaution to test internally before any public release, but the nature of "beta" means there may still be issues on some configurations.

Massman 14th August 2008 16:29

Modded drivers are available all over the internet + very easy to make yourself. Utility may come in handy for those who have very bad google-skills or are too lazy to mod the .inf file themselves.

jmke 14th August 2008 16:49

never bad to have another plug & play method; and combining ATI/NVIDIA modder tool is dream for laptop users; I approve of this one:)

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