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jmke 20th June 2008 11:32

NVIDIA Launches PhysX!
When NVIDIA bought AGEIA in February 2008, everyone wondered what the outcome would be. Would the new NVIDIA GTX 280 and GTX 260 come with an integrated AGEIA PhysX processor? Or will NVIDIA just use a software solution? Well, the simple answer to that NVIDIA went the software route. After all, the unified architecture used by NVIDIA since the G80 should have no problem handling physics calculations as well.

Today, NVIDIA officially launched GPU acceleration for PhysX when they released the PhysX driver version 8.06.12 which enables PhysX acceleration for the following cards :

* GeForce GTX 280
* GeForce GTX 260
* GeForce 9800 GTX+
* GeForce 9800 GTX

You will need to install the latest 177.39 ForceWare driver in addition to the PhysX driver. At this moment, PhysX support has only been enabled for those four GPUs. NVIDIA will progressively enable PhysX support in the other GeForce 9 and GeForce 8 graphics over the next few weeks.

jmke 20th June 2008 11:36

geoffrey 21st June 2008 10:44

Now we need NVIDIA software PhysX versus Ageia hardware PhysX benchmarks

jmke 21st June 2008 10:47

NVIDIA is not quite "software" PhysX ;)

it get a better boost going from no-PhysX to PhysX enabled compared to the dedicated card. Here you see in CPU test2 score going from 22.9 to 30.7

going from normal driver to the PhysX enabled beta driver with NV hardware is from 9.x to 110.x in CPU Test2

in other words: NV GPU PhysX >>>> Ageia PhysX card.

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