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jmke 19th January 2009 17:58

Nvidia GT300 with DirectX 11 from Q4/2009
Several days ago Nvidia presented the first refresh of its current flagship GT200. This will be followed by the first GT200-based branches in 40 nm technique this year. What will come next was only speculations yet.
Directly from Nvidia confidants, we can now present exclusively first details of the following chip, which to say first will do many things in other ways than GT200 and co. and will, in things of evolution, hold a quite similar position in the Nvidia history as NV40 (Geforce 6) or G80 (Geforce 8).

Already in the end of October we reported, according to branch-near sources, that Nvidia's next Next-Generation chip would be determinated in the now running intern roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2009. A recently officially published CUDA roadmap, which also determinated CUDA 3.0 for the same timespan, substantiates the suspicion.
Because in this timespan also Windows 7, published as beta for several days, is determinated, and we know about the coming DirectX 11 support of the operating system, we concluded that Nvidia's GT300 would have DirectX 11 support, too, particularly because AMD already announced a DirectX 11 chip for 2009.

Kougar 20th January 2009 06:14

I can't wait.

Sounds like a nice performance gain, especially for any kind of GPGPU programs.

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