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Stefan Mileschin 16th May 2012 07:54

NVIDIA GeForce Kepler 110 (GK110) Specs Detailed
NVIDIA surprised everyone by introducing the biggest GPU in history, codenamed "GK110", first as a mission-critical Tesla HPC GPU accelerator part, instead of a GeForce consumer graphics part. The GK110 is driving NVIDIA's Tesla K20 HPC GPU accelerator, which was detailed by NVIDIA in its Tesla Kepler press release. We are, however, more interested in what goes into building one of these little monstrosities.

To begin with, NVIDIA crammed a mind-boggling 7.1 billion transistors into the GK110. It is essentially a 2x upscale of the GK104, while retaining its essential component hierarchy. The number-crunching machinery still consists of streaming multiprocessors (SMX), which pack 192 CUDA cores, each. It's quite plausible that the GK110 silicon packs 16 such SMX units.

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