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jmke 23rd March 2010 10:24

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470 has 215W TDP
Since the official launch of Fermi is on Friday US / late Friday night / Saturday morning in Europe, we are getting the last hidden details on the of slower of two Fermi cards. Geforce GTX 470 has 448 cores, packs 1280MHz GDDR5 memory with a 320-bit memory interface clocked at 1674MHz has a TDP of 215W.

This is still much higher than Radeon HD 5870 TDP of 188W, or 170W TDP of Radeon HD 5850, but as long as it's faster, end users won't mind the TDP value. However, 215W is not a small value for slower of two cards and it will generate quite some heat, but with the help of Nvidia's new fan, temperature should be within the normal range.

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