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jmke 19th February 2009 22:23

Nvidia GeForce Driver 182.06 Performance Test
The modifications introduced by Nvidia software developers in their new GeForce driver version 182.06 showed their real best in Left 4 Dead game based on Valve Source engine: the maximum gain for GeForce GTX 295 made almost 40%, and for GeForce GTX 285 – 25%.

The second place was taken by Enemy Territory: Quake Wars online shooter: updated OpenGL driver improved the average gaming performance of GeForce GTX 295 solution by 21% in 1280x1024 resolution and by 10% in 1680x1050 resolution. GeForce GTX 285 sped up by about 8-9%, and about 7% in 2560x1600 resolution.

In all other cases, the new GeForce driver delivered on all Nvidia’s promises. Only in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin in 2560x1600 resolution GeForce GTX 285 got over 10% faster. I would like to specifically draw your attention to a significant increase in minimal fps level in Far Cry 2 game on GeForce GTX 295 in 2560x1600 resolution, so that the owners of these particular graphics cards can finally enjoy playing in this mode.

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