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jmke 15th October 2008 19:31

NVIDIA GeForce 9300 Motherboards: Asus and Zotac
To say that there has been some tension between Intel and NVIDIA lately would certainly be putting it mildly. But the fact of the matter is, for now at least, the two companies share a somewhat symbiotic relationship. The products we've got on tap for today are proof of this fact.

What we have on tap is a new NVIDIA chipset with an mGPU (or IGP) designed for the Intel Socket 775 platform, the GeForce 9300. We should note, however, that NVIDIA is also announcing the GeForce 9400 today as well, the same chipset that powers Apple's new MacBook line of products, but the two are nearly identical save for a few minor spec variations. Whether you're a small form-factor or Home Theater PC buff, or one of the folks enamored by Apple's new line of sleek notebooks, read on to find out about the enabling technologies that NVIDIA has launched today in platform chipsets with integrated graphics engines...

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