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jmke 29th September 2004 23:28

nVidia Geforce 6800 to 6800Ultra mod
Very detailed guide at

I have to admit that a fairly long period of time has passed between the day I came out with my notorious X800 mod, and today, when I am able to share my long-awaited 6800mod. One of the reasons itís taken so long is that it took me a while to perform the necessary research for something as ambitious as the 6800mod. To be honest, I had had the idea of modding the 6800, even while I was publishing the X800pro mod. However, I didnít have the entire 6800 series at my disposal at the time, so I could not yet verify if such a mod was actually going to work.

kristos 30th September 2004 04:27

Lazyman beat you to it by no less then a day :)

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