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jmke 30th May 2006 09:54

Nvidia DualTV MCE vs ATI and Hauppauge
Nearly a year ago NVIDIA provided information to the press about a next generation dual TV tuner that had just about every feature an advanced analog tuner should, to make things even better NVIDIA was seeking ISF certification to make sure everyone knew that this TV card was top quality. ATI's Theater 550 Pro is also ISF certified. Later on it became clear NVIDIA was using a new TV chip by a company called ViXS. ViXS is a newer company that has a compelling product line called the X-Code II: it does hardware MPEG2 encoding, the biggest difference between the XCode and other MPEG2 encoding chips is that the ViXS X-Code series can handle four streams at once; NVIDIA utilizes only two of course, one for each input. That means that one chip can do it all... times two. So now the NVIDIA DualTV MCE has officially launched and the buzz is huge, let's see how this long awaited TV capture card does...

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