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Shogun 9th May 2008 05:55

NVidia considers an across-the-board overhaul of its marketing strategy
To help casual consumers who may not be able to track every code name and official product launch, GPU maker NVidia now says it's considering plans to simplify its product range.

The news comes from the company's Vice President of Business Content Roy Taylor, in comments made recently to

jmke 9th May 2008 08:13

why would they consider that? It's not like they complicated things... right from the start?

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Kougar 9th May 2008 08:36

This from the company that hasn't EVER had such a deliberate obfuscation of their product lineup for the sole purpose of making higher profits?

This is the company that just released the 8800GTS 512mb as the 9800GTX, the 8800GS as the 9600GSO, and will be releasing the 8400/8500/8600 parts as rebranded 9-series models at a future date. Except for the 9600GT there has been nothing new about the 9-series, except the profits from selling G92 chips in a higher price bracket.

I haven't ever been more on ATI's side of the fence than ever now, it sucks that ATI can't offer a better product, and the moment they do NVIDIA can simply die shrink yet again to further increase clockspeeds to match the performance, when ATI eventually does.

There are some convincing rumors that suggest 9900 series will be a 55nm "G92b" core... NVIDIA should adopt the motto "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" as their slogan!!

nightwalker 9th May 2008 12:15

Now they consider it.Who would imagine!!!!!
They are afraid of the other side of the coin.
The same uninformed people who bought the 9800gtx thinking it was a better card than the 8800s now may not buy a true 9 series card.
Shame on you nvidia. If there were cards with the same performance for the same price from ati i wouldnt buy sh*t from nvidia.
Again and again, always trying to f**k other people.
Low life scum corporation.

jmke 9th May 2008 13:08

temper temper! PR and Tech departments are not run by the same team;)

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