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jmke 5th October 2007 11:09

Nvidia can't keep up with demand
Nvidia could not keep up with the quantity of orders that they've had in the last two quarters. AMD has failed to offer a high end killer card and as such Nvidia had more orders that they expected.

This lead to a chip shortage and this upset a lot of Nvidia partners. Upset is a light understatement as the Nvidia only partners are furious as Jeff the Fish, the boss of the sales team and Fiona, the boss of the European sales department couldn't fill many of their orders. mid=34

Sidney 5th October 2007 12:21

Stock split and the price performance Nvda is experiencing this year, a healthy problem no one complaints.

Rutar 5th October 2007 13:08

if I knew how hard the 2900 sucks before it's launch we could have made some money of it :(

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