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jmke 24th January 2007 15:36

NVIDIA 8600 GT and 8600 Ultra Specifications and Prices Leaked
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A Chinese site, Beareyes, is claiming that NVIDIA has started production of 8600 based VGA cards, they also got their hands on specifications of the 8600 GT and 8600 Ultra versions.

With the 8600 cards is aiming at the mid-range market, where it will be a replacement for the 7600 GT and 7900 GS. The newest addition to the card is Direct X 10 and the GPU is based on a 80nm production process. The expected price of $149 seems to be a bit higher than initially reported, but this might have to do with the stock of 7600 cards which NVIDIA wants to sell off first.

The 8600 Ultra is expected to cost $179 and gets a core sped of 500Mhz which is comparable with that of the 8800 models. The big difference is in the amount of available shaders, the Ultra will have 64, which is lower than the 96 from the 8800 GTS and 128 of the GTX. The G86 core has no less than 300 million transistors on board and uses a 256-bit memory bus, the memory chips are clocked at 1400Mhz with a max of 512Mb onboard memory.

The 8600 GT only has 48 shaders and a max of 256Mb clocked at 1200Mhz. The GPU runs at 350Mhz which is considerably lower than the Ultra which costs only $30 more.

It'll be interesting to see how these cards perform to really know their price/performance balance.

Rutar 24th January 2007 15:42

looks pretty good

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