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jmke 17th March 2004 20:07

nVENTIV announces Mach II ST -- Answer to the new Asetek Unit?
The developer of phase-change cooling solutions, nVENTIV Company, today introduced a new product, which will improve the price-to-performance ratios of the contemporary processors. nVENTIV Mach II ST makes many overclockers' dreams of a super-efficient CPU cooling system a reality. This "light" version of the well-known and beloved by all overclockers nVENTIV Mach II system doesn't differ from the predecessor in performance (in other words, you can expect it to be as efficient during CPU overclocking as the predecessor), however,

it doesn't support front LCD display and software system management via USB port. I would also like to say that LCD display is optional even for Mach II, and the USB connection is also not the first priority thing. However, without these features the user will pay much lower price for this system: the recommended price (together with the CPU Kit) is 480 Euro (MSRP, reseller may add Shipping + VAT to shown retail price).

The key features of the system are:
  • Ability to dissipate 200W of heat;
  • Reduced start-up time;
  • Lower noise operation (around 33dB at normal operation);
  • CPU kits compatibility with Mach II;
  • Performance equal to original Mach II.
  • The thermal characteristics are identical to those of nVENTIV Mach II: evaporation temperature -50C at 0W load and around -25C at 200W load.

nVENTIV Mach II ST system can be shipped with an optional aluminum case with Lian Li design (black or silver), and together with a middle-tower from Enlight or Lian Li.

You can find more details about the new product on the manufacturer's web-site.


The Senile Doctor 17th March 2004 20:09

hmmm... this is getting more interesting...
we do need a direct comparison between this and the new vapo...

jmke 17th March 2004 20:09

an interesting discussion about the Vapochill LS and nVentiv's products can be followed here:

The Senile Doctor 17th March 2004 20:17

we should follow that one, bowman is gonna make a great rev!

jmke 17th March 2004 20:20

I'm waiting for OPP's results, from what I've read bowman may be using a cpu dummy instead of a real setup.

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